What to Do When Scooter is Not Charging?

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Having an electric scooter is so convenient and very cost-efficient. However, just like a regular scooter, there might be some challenges you might be facing. One of the most common problems you might be facing is the battery not charging and working properly.

In this article, you will learn more about electric scooter batteries and chargers. You should follow the checklists below if your electric scooter batteries are not charging. This will help you determine if either of the charger or the battery is defective. You should also determine at the end of this article if it is time to buy a new electric scooter.

Battery and Charger Checklists:

Checklist #1: Plugging of charger

You should always check if the charger is properly plugged into the power source line. Check for the voltage requirement. If your charger is for 110V, then do not plug it to another or higher voltage. Check if the charger is properly connected to the electric scooter charging port; see if it has some port that is loose. Also, check the charger if it is malfunctioning; you can see an indicator light which should be lit. In case it does not light or just blinking, then the charger is flawed.

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Checklist #2: Full 8 hours charging without interruption

You may charge your battery the wrong way; it’s either over charged or under charged. You should try charging your battery for full 8 hours without interruption and please make the charging timed to avoid over charging. Proper charging will help your batteries last longer.

Checklist #3: Time for battery change

After charging it for 8 hours and your electric scooter is still not working, maybe it is time to change the battery. Make sure to purchase a battery that is of the same brand and model with your old battery. In cases that the battery won’t hold any charge because of improper use, then it is time to change it.

Checklist #4: Loose wire connections or unusually bad smell of charger

Always check the charger for some unusual smell, like burning rubber, as it may have some short-circuit. If this case happens, eliminate your charger and purchase a new one. Do not try to fix it or you will end up damaging your batteries too. Also, check for loose wire connection, you may not be using your charger properly or you may stretch the wires too much that it may cause loose wire connections. Check if the charger wire is all intact, check for signs of rat bites as this pest loves chewing cords. In cases you find any defect, change your charger as soon as possible and do not use it anymore. Do not throw defective chargers as you can just recycle it.

Checklist #5: Battery leak

Do not take it for granted if you notice some battery leak on your battery. The battery might be leaking from over-using or over charging. Another reason is the changes of temperature, so if you have plans of not using the electric scooter for a while, then store the battery and charger properly.

Checklist #6: Unused or uncharged battery for a few days

As tackled earlier, if you are planning to keep your electric scooter for a while, for example, during winter, then you should store the battery pack properly to avoid battery malfunction You should keep your electric scooter running once in a while even in your garage only. You should drain your battery once in a while and charge it properly to avoid being stacked up.

Checklist #7: Check with another electric scooter

If you own another scooter then you can check if the charger is working or your battery is working if it is on the same specifications. If not, you can ask your friend if you can check with their electric scooters. You will know what went wrong if either the charger or battery is not working. If both of them are okay with your friend’s scooter, then there might be something wrong with your scooter. In cases like this, you should call a professional mechanic or you can bring your electric scooter in a service center.

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