Top Outdoor Activities for Kids

Nowadays, most kids spend their time in front of a computer playing their favorite video games. This isn’t healthy for them that’s why it’s important to encourage them to engage in physical activities. There are many outdoor activities that kids will surely love and make them physically active and fit. To motivate your children to engage in outdoor games, parents should join or lead them on how to execute their chosen outdoor activity.

1. Kickball

This is one of the old-time games perfect for kids. It’s very easy to play kickball since it’s similar to baseball. But, the player will kick the ball instead of hitting it.

kicking ball

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2. Wiffle ball

This is also similar to baseball as it uses a ball and bat. However, the ball and bat are soft and made of lightweight materials making it safe and easy to use by little ones.

3. Freeze tag

Another very common outdoor activity played by kids in the neighborhood. This game requires a lot of energy as it involves running and chasing. In playing this game, one person is designated as “it” and will be the one to chase other players. Once a player is tag by the “it”, the player must freeze and remain still until another player unfreezes him.

4. Dodge ball

In playing dodge ball, make sure to use soft balls. It is played between two teams thus the players should group themselves into two teams. The mechanics of the game is to throw the ball at each player. The player that is hit by the ball will be out of the game. Likewise, the thrower will be out if another player catches the offending ball. All the members of the team should be eliminated to end the game.

5. Street hockey

This is a perfect game for kids who enjoy competition. The mechanics is similar to regular hockey, but it is played on pavement instead on ice. The player should wear sneakers or roller blades. Street hockey should be played far from road or traffic to ensure the safety of the children.

6. Hide and seek

Playing in the neighborhood hide and seek is fun. But, make sure that the hiding places are safe and the children won’t wander far away.

7. Red Rover

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This is played by teams in which the team member lines up to create a chain by holding hands. Each team calls the name of the member from other team while chanting “Red Rover”. The person called will run towards the chain and tries to break into. The consequence of failing to break the chain is that the said player will join the team.

8. Ultimate Frisbee

Playing Frisbee will make your kid physically active as it involves throwing and running. But, this should be played in an open area away from traffic and road.

9. Sardines

This game is similar to hide and seek, but the process if reversed. The “it” will be the one to hide while the other players will find him.

10. Four square

Playing this game requires big area where you can draw a square and bouncy ball. The main goal of Four Square is to be the number “1” player in the box.

Indeed, engaging in outdoor activities is very beneficial for the children rather than staying at home playing console games or watching TV. There’s nothing wrong making use of technology, but it should be minimized. Experts revealed that children will take advantage many benefits doing outdoor activities. It won’t only make them physically active, but it’ll also boost their mental health.

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