Razor E90 Electric Scooter Review

Razor E90 Electric Scooter
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E90 electric scooter features on/off the battery in a well laid out manner. The motor gets aligned once the speed reaches three mph. The manual is very informatics. The fresh piece to begin with has to be charged for 12 – 18 hours. The scooter is sturdy and strong and lasts a couple of years with average looking after. The motor is reliable and does not need frequent changing in its lifetime. It is unlikely that the child will lose control and gets a fall. It is delivered in a scooter box, which can be easily gift-wrapped as a surprise to the little one. The product is child-friendly. It brings joy and amusement to the child. It is owners pride and neighbor’s envy. Children buy the scooter once they see their friends using it. This is a unisex product. Ride it around the house and in the driveway for merry making.

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

The latest craze in the market for children cycle segment is the Razor E90 electric scooter. As the name suggests, it has a battery that has to be charged periodically. It is motor operated and touches the maximum speed of 9 mph that is safe speed from the point of view of children. As a gift, it is exciting and fun to possess. It makes a good gift on birthdays and festivals because it is affordable. The child owners never get bored with it and use it on a daily basis.

Children aged 8 years and above handle motorized speed. Most children are eager to ride the scooter. The clamp is made of aluminum. The threads on the metal attach it the main frame. Once charged, the LED becomes green from red. This is the sign it is fully charged.

Product Features

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

Razor E90 Electric Scooter

1. Basic Features

The Razor E-90 electric scooter is easy to assemble and is not time-consuming. The kit comes with tools from the company. The frame is made of steel.  The dimensions measure up to 31 inches length x 14 inches width x 34 inches height. The balancing act is agreeable even at the highest speed. Children can commute distance to the neighborhood school or friends. However, the scooter has to be put on charging daily. In some instances when batteries flow out in middle of travel the scooter can be operated through leg energy in other words manually

2. Product confidence

Survey the market and order the Razor E90 electric scooter online or make a purchase from a physical shop for the best price. The battery is 12-volt, and it weighs 120lbs. The color option is limited to orange and blue. The company is reputed and has been the market players for some years.

3. Motor applicability

Razor E90 electric scooter has a kick-start motor chain driven motor and thus the speed is a good one for children. Once fully charged, the scooter can work for about 50 minutes. The scooter is considered charges fully in 12 hours.

4. Wheel function

The grip on handles fits the hand firmly, and the child can maneuver the direction well of this lightweight product. Rear and the front wheel are made from urethane along with ABEC-5 bearings.  The wheels are carved out of steel frame and so is the fork. The foot- break is rear operated for safety even at high speed.

Pros & Cons


  • Long battery life: The life of the onetime charged battery lasts approximately for an hour. The child can enjoy in this time frame ride on slopes or even road.
  • Pneumatic tires for tough roads: The pneumatic tires bear the bumpy roads and stones on the path with ease. The absorbed bumps do not harm the rider.
  • Sturdiness: The Razor E90 electric scooter is well built strong and hardy. It does not break with jerks of all kinds.
  • Easy and comfortable maintenance: The parts of the Razor E90 electric scooter such as handlebars and shaft can be dismantled for servicing. It does not require frequent servicing. So it is within the budget for most parents.
  • Safe speed for children: The child can operate with ease, and the maximum speed is not dangerous to cause fatal accidents. Mastering the art of riding comes easily, and chances of hurting yourself are minimized.
  • Parts can be easily amended: The Razor E90 electric scooter is transported in two segments the handlebars and the central body. Thus, the two have to be put together to make the scooter. It is easy, and anyone can do it.
  • Good spacing: The scooter is big and wide enough for feet to lie together and make movements together. The subsequent charging is done in 8 hours
  • Ease of rough handling: Razor E90 electric scooter can withstand the energetic children rough handling without much breakage.


  • The scooter has twist grip accelerator limited to single speed; the beginner gets a jolt. So be prepared for it. If the scooter is not operated for a good length of time and is kept standstill the chances of the battery dying out cannot be ruled out.
  • First-time crash cannot be ruled out. However, the chances of serious injury are negligible. Precaution has to be taken to ride on wet roads or a rainy day. The skid precaution has to be communicated to the child.
  • The child has to be guided and trained to steer the scooter in the beginning. The throttle kick has to be taught through some trials. The slope riding is another area where teaching is required. The brake grip develops with experience and trial and error.
  • The chain adhered to the right side of the wheel is covered and turning right has minor hindrance. It comes with training and experience. The child has to be made aware of it.
  • Razor E90 electric scooter is better to start the training in open spaces like the park where traffic is absent. Once confidence is built the child can drive on the road keeping traffic rules in mind and maneuver the scooter well.


The new entry into the market of Razor E-90 electric scooter has got a good response from parents and children. The durable metal frame is strong and looking after is so easy that the child can do it. The throttle is in push button style; the brake is easy to operate. It is worth its price. At a young age, children learn traffic rules. All parts are well integrated. The single battery lasts a long time. Your all doubts will vanish once you buy the product and use it as instructed. It’s a new product in the market and is getting popular with each month.

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