Razor E100 Electric Scooter Review

Razor E100 Electric Scooter
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Razor E100 Electric Scooter is a scooter, meant exclusively for the children. Your kids can independently, ride to the park, zip around the neighborhood, visit a friend or even run an errand, in the safest and effective mode. The speed of 10mph provides absolute safety to your child while driving. This kid-sized, environment-friendly electric scooter is chain-driven with 40 minutes of the continuous drive after one full charge. It has a simple twist-grip acceleration control. There are other versions of E 100; such as E200 and E300 that will suit to different ages and weights; even to adults.

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Children are always curious to imitate the adults. When your children see you moving on the motorbike or fuel-powered scooter, they must be longing to have powered device that could carry them independently. Most often, you may be required to carry them to their friends’ house, to the park or even to their schools. That may be taking away a substantial portion of your time. You may, therefore, be considering having an electric scooter, which is available in the market under different brand names.

The Razor E100 electric scooter is particularly suitable for the children that may satiate the longings of your child to be ‘self-powered’ and ‘self-dependent’ for moving to short distances. Before going in for one, you may be thinking whether the one you get suits to your child because the prime factors you are concerned with are safety, speed, and uninterrupted driving. Keeping this in view, this review is presented before you to aid you in taking a judicious buying decision. It is essential that you know about its various features, pros, and cons before you take a final decision.


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

1. Product at a Glance

This kids sized scooter runs with a maximum speed of 10mph and can be used continuously after once charged for around 45 minutes. The motor is chain driven, kick-start and is equipped with high torque. The front tire is 8 inches pneumatic, and the real wheel is urethane. The product has a hand-operated brake, and the battery is a 2 x 12 = 24 volt. The scooter can carry a maximum of 120lbs of weight. When assembled, the size of the product becomes 32.5 inches x 16 inches x 36 inches.

2. Maximum Rider Weight

The Razor electric scooter is designed exclusively for children of different ages. Hence, three ranges of power are made for different ages and weights. The E100 can carry a maximum weight of 120lbs, the E200 up to 154lbs and the E300 up to a maximum weight of 220lbs. If the prescribed weight is exceeded, the propelling power reduces, thus reducing the desired speed of 10mph.

3. Recommended Age

The E100 is recommended for a child of 8 years, and E200 and E300 are recommended for those 13 years and above. It is a great scooter for children needing to learn to balance

4. Tires

The tires of Razor electric scooter are 8” inflatable on the front for E100 and 4.9” Polyurethane for the real wheel. For E200, it is 8” inflatable and for E300, it is 10” extra wide inflatable. The variable tires sizes to suit to different weights while maintaining the speed of 10mph. The pneumatic tires facilitate navigation even through bumpy and rough surfaces.

5. Ease of Assembly

The major components of the Razor electric scooter are the main body or the chassis and the handlebars. These two parts can be very easily assembled and disassembled.

6. Warranty

The Razor electric scooter comes with a guarantee for 90 days, for any manufacturing defects or bad workmanship. Defective parts could be replaced free of cost.

7. Chain-driven Motor

A motor through the ultra quiet chain and a twist-grip throttle drives the Razor electric scooter. The motor cruises at variable speeds up to a maximum of 10 mph

8. Front Brake

The front brake is a simple caliper, almost equivalent to that on bicycles.

9. Batteries

The Razor electric scooter has lead-acid batteries. It comes with a UL approved battery charger

10. LED Head Light

The LED headlight provides enough bright light to drive smoothly at night

11. Handle Bar

The handle bar of the Razor electric scooter is adjustable and adapts to riders of all sizes

12. Kickstand

The kickstand is spring-loaded that engages the engine with a mild kick.

Pros & Cons


  • Wider Platform of the Razor electric scooter makes it convenient for riders of any size to stand comfortably and drive smoothly.
  • Pneumatic tire, which is wider and large, facilitates strong grip on the driving surface, thus preventing any chance of skidding or slipping
  • Sturdy and Solid Built of the Razor electric scooter provides stability and perfect balance while driving it
  • The Battery of the Razor electric scooter is powered enough to last for about an hour of riding after each full charge for twelve hours. Recommended maximum charging time is 24 hours
  • Foldable handlebar facilitates easy storage and transport
  • Environment-friendly: Since it runs on battery, it is free from polluting the environment
  • Acceleration Control: The twist-grip provides complete control over speed; starting from zero to 10 mph that will be most suitable for an immature rider


  • Some customers have complained about the insufficient or slower braking while riding down any sloped driveway. It may be noted here that the effectiveness of braking is dependent upon the strength of the rider’s grip. In any case, the kids are to be taught about steering out of situations and release the throttle.
  • The solid and real slick wheel works well on most of the dry surfaces. But unlike the grooved rubber tire, there are chances of sliding if not properly balanced.
  • The twist grip accelerator of this innovative scooter has only one speed. As a result, the initial start may give a bit of a jolt, which of course is not viewed seriously by the complaining customer.


The review of the Razor E100 Electric Scooter has opened before you every aspect of this Parents Choice Award winner electric scooter. As parents, you will look into the safety of your children while driving. At the same time, you will be greatly elated to find your children being applauded by your neighbors while they move around the neighborhood on this amazing scooter. Think of your 5 to a 6-year-old kid going alone independently to the park that would add considerably to his leisurely experience. This electric scooter also has the pros as well as the cons. From the review as made above, you must have observed that the pros overwhelm the cons. And if you are concerned about the fun, pleasure and safety of your children, you will bring home today, a Razor E100 Electric Scooter.

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