What to do with an Overcharged Electric Scooter

Nowadays, most of the countries promote eco-friendly activities, like solar power, wind mills as source of electricity, recycle things and/or re-use garbage. They also promote vehicles that do not use petrol and are doing intensive research in replacing petrol to water or any eco-friendly material that will run the motor. One product that people now use is electronic scooter or widely known as Escooter.

Escooter has first been introduced by Ogden Bolton and patented on 1895. The first models of electronic scooter were powered by bank of batteries. During late 1911, the Escooter runs 75 miles (121 km) to 100 miles (160 km) per charge.

Patent Electric Bicycle

Photo source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_motorcycles_and_scooters#/media/File:Patent_Electric_Bicycle.png

Several prototypes had been created until it is today, as the time went on. In 2012, a record was set of 216.8 miles per hour. With these revolutionary bikes, as convenient as it seems, also encounter some down side. One of its issues is over-charging of its batteries.

Battery lifespan

Bikes usually have the lead acid for batteries that actually have limited life, and most bike owners have some issues with it. This is one disadvantage of electronic scooters.

Some owners may over-charge their bikes for couple of days or for few hours. If it is only for couple of hours, it may not incur damage on the battery, but if it will be left for couple of days plugged in, then it may experience some difference in its service.

Number of batteries in a year

Batteries, like other parts of the scooter, should be changed if you see that it no longer works. One user of electric scooter recorded that over the span of 7 years, he has already 6 sets of batteries. Original batteries lasts about 6 months or more, depending on the brand. Luckily, the warranty of your electric scooter will cover this within the specified time in the agreement. Therefore, you can easily replace the battery for free in the first few months. But if the time lapse is longer than what’s in your warranty agreement, you have to buy one for your scooter.

 Since the kind of battery being used in escooter is mostly maintenance-free lead-acid batteries. If the batteries are not well kept, then it may be destroyed before than what the companies have quoted for the life of the batteries. Therefore, it is the user’s responsibility to maintain the batteries well.


Photo source:http://www.china-direct-buy.com/v/4/product_detail/1854426/sealed_lead_acid_battery_12v7ah.html

Damaged batteries

If it is damaged, then the only option is to buy brand new batteries to replace the old one and to keep your escooter in service. There will be no types of “repair” that can fix the damaged battery even the company’s mechanic will not be able to do anything about it. The only option is to replace it. If the escooter is still under warranty, then we may not need to shell out anything from our pocket or a little amount according to the company’s rules about replacement. But if it is no longer covered, then it may be a hefty amount to get another one.

We will know that the battery is already damaged when it no longer hold a charge, it overheats, sometimes it leaks and the most common is it is warped, swollen and busted. Sometimes we can witness these things in a cellphone battery, swollen and will hold charge but the battery will be fully charged immediately and drains fast.

Some factors that affect its life are usage, the lifespan of the scooter itself, the very common over-charging and the brand, brand also plays an important role for the longevity of the bike and its battery. Chances that scooters from a well-known company are performing better than the cheap brands

To avoid getting your battery damaged, we can try to get a charger that will automatically stops charging when it will detect that the battery is fully charged. Fast charger is not advisable since it is too hot for the battery to handle. And try not to over-charge it as well.

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