Non-Tech Activities You Should Do For the Summer

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It can be said that recent advances made in our technology have been extremely overwhelming. It is almost as if all these discoveries have been growing in number by the second, yet society doesn’t seem to show signs of rejecting them. Almost everybody, even kids as young as 2 years old, has some sort of gadget that they can’t seem to leave at home. In fact, society’s dependence on technology has been a growing social norm for the last decade. Its unwavering assimilation in society can be attributed to its many advantages, which are apparent to everyone. However, the more pressing concern today is how the fast-moving world of technology has changed the behavior of future generations.

Younger Generations and Technology

There is no doubt that people who get accustomed to using gadgets are getting younger. I still remember the shock that came over me when I found out my 4-year old nephew had his own tablet. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but when a toddler is able to comfortably operate something you didn’t even hear about until a few years ago, that’s when you know that society is evolving. That’s when it dawned on me that future generations will most likely have more tech savvy members than any adult of my generation. This definitely gets you thinking about how some kids may never get to know the simple joys of playing outside with other kids.

Harmful Effects of Technology on Kids

There is no doubt that being adept at using technology from an early age has its advantages, especially for educational purposes. However, the underlying social and personal ramifications are what concern many today. Some kids have proven to be less engaged in human interaction, have shorter attention spans, and achieve lower grades. Furthermore, some have also exhibited health concerns such as weight gain and disinterest in physical activities. These are all serious issues that could affect your child which is why something must be done. Certain actions could be taken such as limiting the amount of time spent on their gadgets, avoiding putting a TV in their rooms, and the most effective of all, encouraging fun non-tech activities.

Alternative Activities for You and Your Kid

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The following activities are some that you could try with your kid, especially during the summer:

Going to the park

The park is one of the easiest places to visit where your kid can have lots of fun with you and other kids. This would help you and your kid spend time together, as it encourages your kid to appreciate the outdoors. If the park has a playground, this would encourage his/her physical development as well.

Cooking and Baking

Nothing seals the deal better than spending time together and ending it with a good meal. You may be concerned about your kid’s safety, so it’s better to ensure that he/she is assigned to do the easier tasks. This activity enhances your child’s motor skills and kitchen skills as well! Who knows, maybe your kid could one day be a chef.

Reading a Book

It is important to develop your child’s reading skills at an early age. You could start by reading to him/her and slowly teach him to read on his own. Make sure to pick a fun and interesting story that would keep your child fully engaged.

Doing a Science Experiment

This is perfect because it is both fun and educational! Make sure to choose an experiment that’s easy to understand, fun for the senses, and definitely cool! This could further encourage his love for science and learning.

Going to the Beach

Nothing says summer and fun like a day at the beach. Introduce your child to the beauty of the outdoors. Show your kid how to build a sandcastle or teach him/her how to swim.

Traditional Games

Teach your child the games you used to play while you were a kid. With this, you get to pass on to him/her the things you loved during your childhood. Show him/her how to play hide-and-seek, the boat is sinking, tag, monkey in the middle, or even hopscotch. These games are certainly not new or modern, but they will truly remain enjoyable for kids!

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