Maintenanace Tips for Electric Scooters

Everything that is of value to you should be taken care of properly. If you do it correctly, you will enjoy using it longer. This is true for electric scooters as well.

Right after you purchase an electric scooter, read the manual and be sure that you understand everything in it. So many people fail to do this as they like to worry when the problem comes. However, it’s not advisable to let the manual go unread. A responsible user always tries to keep himself informed.

The manual will show the basic things you need to know about your electric scooter. Still, there are things that have not been mentioned there. In maintenance, some tips are left unsaid as it requires your initiative to clean and take care of your scooter. If you don’t have any idea on how to do it, then here are tips you can use:

maintain electric scooter

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Assembling Parts

Before you begin with tinkering your electric scooter, it’s best if you have the manual at hand so that you will have a guide which parts go where. However, if the manual seems confusing to you, then you can keep a record for yourself every time you remove a part. Have a pen and paper and record every part’s position. If possible, also write the color and label.

Battery Care

Electric scooter’s battery could be costly. Therefore, you must be able to take care of it and make it last longer. Do not use fake, low quality battery charger. The original charger shuts of when the battery is fully charged. Therefore, you do not have to worry about overcharging.

Before you charge, let the battery cool down. Too much heat will easily damage the battery. Also, do not let it go unused. Like most things, it will break if left idle for long.

Tire Inflation

Before you go for a ride, check your tires to ensure your safety. If your scooter has small tires, then it probably will lose air pressure quickly. Bring a pump with you and air the tire frequently. With good air, the tire will properly be in contact with the surface. It will also keep the tube from running round when you accelerate and brake.

maintain electric scooter

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Chain and Belt Tension

While using the electric scooter, make sure that the belt and chain are in the right tension. Loose belt will lead to the teeth to slip and eventually wear out. Adjust it and move the rear tire towards the front. In adjusting the chain and belt, you must check your scooter’s specification to know the length of the belt that you need to press in the center.

If the belt already wore out, then it’s time for you to change it. The most important thing about changing the belt is to keep it in the center of the belt hub. If you fail to do so, you will easily tear the belt again. Make sure that the belt hub and the rear wheel are not damaged for both of them will serve as a support to your new belt. Purchase two belts at the same time so you have an extra.

Nuts and bolts maintenance

Oil the linkages and throttle lightly to avoid binding. Moreover, constantly check the bolts and nuts and make sure they are not loose. Clean the chrome pieces and wipe them with cloth so that they will not rust.

Inner tube change

If you pinch the inner tube between the rims of the tire, then you will be causing a hole in your tube. To avoid this, make sure that you inflate the tube partially so that you will not scratch it when you put the rim together. Add pressure in the tube to get it out of the way. Finally, tighten the tire rim and add the proper tire pressure.

Replacement of the control box

Control boxes of electric scooters have simple connectors and harnesses which links the motor, battery, brake and ignition switch, throttle, charger socket, and lights together. Control boxes come in different amperages so you have to choose one that fits your scooter. It should be equal to or larger than your motor’s size. Before you attach it, mark the connectors to each of the components so that the process is easy and speedy.

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