How to Replace Electric Scooter Battery, Step by Step

Batteries of any electrical device, including the ones that power your electric scooter, will eventually lose their power to hold charge. You’ll notice that battery’s lifetime decreases over time and regular use. When the time comes that you notice it’s unable to store anymore power for a good run, then it’s time to replace the electric scooter’s battery.

To replace your electric scooter’s batteries, first you need to identify and get the right type. Once you get the battery part number or specs, you can look online and purchase it online. Here’s how you can get the battery information:

  • The type of batteries for your electric scooter is usually indicated in the product manual, or on a sticker underneath the scooter or box.
  • If you can’t find the part number, you can always contact the manufacturer and give them the scooter’s model number, and they’ll provide the battery specs that you need. Some electric scooter manufacturers also provide replacement batteries, check with them if you can order and have it shipped to your address.
  • You can also open the battery compartment on the main frame of the scooter, and the batteries’ part number should be indicated on the batteries itself, either embossed or printed.
  • If you still cannot see any identification, and can’t get the info from the manufacturer, then you need to use a voltmeter. Usually, electric scooter batteries have 12V or 6V, connected in parallel or in series. Take note of the readings and the size of the original batteries.

If you opt to get a different battery brand, remember to get ones that fit on the compartment, with similar connectors or wiring configuration, and the output specs should be the same as the original. When you have the replacement batteries ready, then you can follow the steps below on how to replace the electric scooters battery.

  1. Make sure that the scooter is not plugged to any power source. Before you open anything on the scooter, make sure that it’s OFF and there’s no power running through it.
  2. Unscrew the battery cover located at the main frame that holds the wheels. Just keep the scooter upright and no need to flip it. You should see screws on that frame and use a screwdriver with right size. Remove the flap and you should see the wires and battery inside. Put the screws that you’ve removed on a container.
  3. Take note of the wiring layout. It’s very important that you put the wires back on the correct nodes when you hook up the new battery. Use a pen and paper and take note on where the colored wires go.
  4. Take the (-) negative wires off the batteries first. This is also called the ground wire, and by standard, it’s the black one. If don’t see a black wire, look for the negative symbol (-) on the wire connector and that will indicate which one is our ground wire.
  5. Next, take off the (+) positive wires from the batteries. This is usually the red wire, or the ones connected to the (+) nodes.
  6. Once you’ve taken off the positive and negative wires, the old batteries are now safe to remove. After that, you can replace it with matching new batteries.
  7. Attach the new batteries correctly, based on the original wiring diagram. Again, make sure that everything is OFF. We don’t want your electric scooter jump off once we connect the new batteries. This is also very important, you have to put back the wires on the correct nodes, on same place as they were before. Follow the diagram you made earlier. Connect the positive terminals first, then the negative terminals. The red wire on the positive connector and the black wire to the negative connector or node. Any mistake on this can cause damage to your new batteries, to the scooter, and also to you.
  8. Once everything is connected properly, you can now charge the battery. Full-charge the new set first, before you put back the cover or use the electric scooter.
  9. Put the battery compartment cover back. Secure it with the screws you removed earlier.

Remember to dispose the bad batteries properly. Do not throw them on regular trash bins. It should be placed under to Household Hazardous Waste for proper collection.

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