How Technology Could Assist Outdoor Activities

Technology played a vital role in the modern world. It was able to improve our lives. It helps us live a more comfortably and provides us security and safety. It gives us more access to entertainment,communication and information. It helps economies grow through massive production and better and faster means of transportation.

Technology also helps in the transformation of outdoor activities. Outdoor activities, from the name itself, are activities done outside closed rooms. Technology makes it is easier for us to plan and enjoy outdoor activities. It made us more prepared and knowledgeable. Advancements of outdoor gears help provides comfort, sense of security for people who enjoys the thrill of outdoor activities.

So how did technology could helped us when we are outside? What are the advancement that we benefited from technology?

Access Information

The creation of the internet allows us to seek more information of the different activities that we can enjoy. The internet can help us get information on what to do, where to go and the things to bring and rules that we need to remember and follow for the said activity. It is a big advantage to know what to do in different situations when you are out. You can access the internet through your smartphones, laptops and other devices that can access the internet.

Gadgets and Gizmo

In this modern era, smartphones are no longer a luxury item but rather it becomes a necessity. We can use our smartphones for GPS when we need to know where to go and how to get to a certain place. GPS is a built-in applications in many smartphones.GPS is often use as a locator and at the same time it helps us navigate to places that we are not familiar of. Smartphones also help us communicate to other people through SMS and social media application. Aside from smartphones, you can also use handheld radios,PLBs, EPIRBS, satelite phones as other forms of communication. The increasing cellular coverage also help in making communication more effective. You can take and make calls and send SMS wherever you are.

Means of Transportation

The emergence of technology brought the creation of snowmobiles and off-road vehicles. These vehicles allows us to move faster and to explore further, specially in camping and skiing. Snowmobiles can help us move through heaps of snow during winters. If you are found of skiing, snowmobiles can help you move from one location to another. Off-road vehicles can give you comfort and accessibility when riding in bumpy and rocky roads.


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Temporary Shelter

Technology also helped in creation of temporary shelters like tents and trailer vans. Trailer vans are often described as a smaller version of a house because it contains human necessities like shelter and a cooking space. It is much more comfortable than tent. Though many often prefer to camp in vans but there are are certain situation that you can’t take vehicles like in forests. People still carry tents on camping areas that can’t be accessible by vehicles. Tents improve in terms of design, cloth used and its layering.


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Outdoor Wear

The improvements for clothing, allows us to be comfortable and protected. For outdoor activities, there are certain attire that you must wear. For skiing, you need thicker jackets to keep you warm from tge cold and boots to protect your feet from being frozen. You need to Lycra and shoes with thick soles when you go biking to protect you from accidents and to protect your sole from pain. Clothing is not just about fashion but also it keeps you comfortable and protected.

Though technology can be really useful, there are certain disadvantages that you must be aware of. Technology has the tendency to create a “bubble of safety”. Technology can create an illusion that you are safe and sound. It makes you lenient only to realized that you are already in danger and that there is no other way to save yourself from it. An example could be calamities like storms, avalanches,earthquakes and etc. There are certain apparatus that can help you know when they occur but you can never stop them from occurring either.

In conclusion, technology  contributed a lot to outdoor activities. It helps you get information. It gives you comfort and security. But even if it helps in the improvement of outdoor activities, we still need to be wary. Remember that safety is important. Don’t just rely on technology but rather ask experts for help.

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