Electric Scooter Donation – Where and How to ?

Are you planning to donate your electric scooter? Well, donating something for a good cause is even better than a cause itself, because it won’t be successful without the resources people give for free. Giving used stuff like clothes, footwear, toys, medicines, eatables and grocery has been very common and there are quite a few places accepting such donations, but electric appliances, used cars, and electric scooters aren’t as common. So, you have to conduct some research on places for electric scooter donation. Read this post for guidance.

Which Organizations Receive Electric Scooter Donation?

You know that all non-profit organizations receive donations, but their resources, expertise, and purposes may differ from each other. Things you donate must be relevant for further use, or concerned NGO should have resources to sell and accumulate the money.

Factors for Taking Tangible Equipment

Although, funds are vital and NGOs often need them, certain factors restrict them from taking the monetary donation. Such as:

  • Some non-profit organizations only make tangible and reusable items, to deliver the donation directly to the deprived. They tend to avoid funds, either because they don’t have a proper setup for financing or the nature of work doesn’t require monetary donations.
  • People often request their donations should be handed over to the needy, instead of being sold to someone else.
  • In most cases, non-profit organizations receive government funds, so, they don’t need anything more.

7 Charitable Foundations Receive Electric Scooter Donation

Considering these factors and the nature of your equipment, the best places to donate your electric scooter include child welfare organizations, hospitals, cancer clinics, or those that can get useful equipment in exchange of yours.

Here are some well-known organizations that accepts monetary donations as well as used stuff.

  • Make A Wish Foundation: It is a US-based foundation that works all across the world supporting poor families, patients, and children.
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters: This is another US based organization where you can donate your electric scooter. They have a simple purpose – support children and help them achieve success.
  • ActionAid: it is a UK-based organization working for child care, education for the poor, poverty and hunger, human rights and child development all across the world, especially Africa.
  • Wheelchair Foundation: this organization is a division of Behring Global Educational Foundation, and it receives donations in all forms. Their primary purpose is to arrange medical equipment, mainly wheelchairs for the handicapped and injured. They run numerous programs across the world for disabled and children.
  • Brighter Future Workshop: BFW is a US-based training and recycling unit that mainly accepts mobility equipment. BFW recycles or repairs your gear and distribute it to the needy and disable people.
  • American Outreach Foundation: If you live in South California, you can contact this organization for electric scooter donation and your donation will be picked up from your doorstep.
  • Caregiving Café: It is another US based charitable organization that accepts mobility equipment, such as electric scooters, powered wheelchairs, bicycles, mobility beds, walkers and more.

How to Donate Your Electric Scooter

Electric scooter donation is almost similar to other gifts, yet you cannot donate it to any charitable organization. Here is a handy checklist to go through:

  • Make sure, your scooter is in good condition with minimal damage; otherwise you cannot donate it.
  • Search the place in your locality where you can take your electric scooter for donation. You can search the web for the non-profit organizations that can accept your donation.
  • IRS website can help you locate a tax exempt organization so that you receive a tax write-off (if applicable).
  • Go through the websites of different organizations and see what you can donate. Some organizations offer “donation” or “Donate” tab where you can inform them about your intention, mentioning the condition of your scooter.
  • You will be informed the time and place where you can take your electric scooter. In some cases, the donation is picked from the doorstep.