Difference Between Electric and Gas Scooter

Electric and gas scooters can be both convenient and beneficial. However, there are major differences that made these two entirely unique from each other, and you have to note that down for you to know what to pick (in case you intend to buy one of these).

To those who are planning to canvass and purchase an electric scooter or a gas-type of scooter, you have to note down these differences first before you proceed:


The main difference between these two types of scooters, as well as the reason why they are named like that, is because of the power output that it covers. Electric scooters are known to propel with the help of electricity coming from the battery as it gets transferred to the motor in order to operate. On the other hand, gas scooters do the classic method of operating via heat and gas in order to make the engine’s mechanism move to keep the engine running.

Noise Emission

It’s a well-known fact that gas scooters emit noise due to the fact that it operates in a different mechanism that involves gas – an old method being used in older machines until today. Electric scooters are known to be very quiet since it only uses energy, along with the fact that it has a different mechanism when using electricity.


In terms of incline rides, which are the hardest route to take in all means necessary, it’s guaranteed that gas scooters are capable of going uphill in a better way than electric scooters. When going on an incline location, gas scooters can easily help you go uphill even if there are two of you riding the vehicle. On the other hand, electric scooters might be smoother to ride but might go slower when going uphill. A lot of people have tried this already, and there are some sources that have proven the said difference.


It’s guaranteed that gas scooters are capable of going at higher speeds than electric scooters. Electric scooters nowadays have a maximum speed limit of 30mph, and most good models are known to be able to reach that limit only. Gas scooters come with various amounts of cc and, therefore, can provide way better speeds if that’s what you prefer. Gas scooters are capable of going up to two times the max speed that electric scooters can provide.


If you plan on going to distances that are more than 30km, especially if your work place has a distance like that, then gas scooters are much more preferable to own. Electric scooters usually have a maximum of 25-30km only due to the maximum amount of power that it has. What makes electric scooters inconvenient for long roads is the fact that there is no charging station for these vehicles, and due to the obvious fact that gas stations are everywhere. But if you really plan on using a vehicle for short distances, then it’s way better to purchase an electric scooter.

Cost Efficiency

When spending money for these vehicles, it’s proven that electric scooters are great money savers than gas scooters. Charging an electric scooter doesn’t provide a major price hike on your electric bill while spending on gas can cost you a lot on your overall budget. As you make your purchase, note the price comparison between the two , and you will notice that gas scooters are more expensive.

The only similarity that you will really notice between the two is the fact that it can provide better means of travelling, and that’s that! Always remember these factors that differentiate the two, and surely your decision will be better once it’s time for you to buy your desired vehicle. Pick a good brand as well in order to enjoy the best ride. Take care of your vehicle well to assure its maximum longevity.

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