Comparison of Electric Scooter Vs Moped Vs E-Bike – Which One Should You Choose?

People often get confused among mopeds, electric scooters, electric bikes and motorcycles. Although, each of them is a two-wheeled vehicle, but there are many aspects to differentiate them.

Factors include:

•    Benefits
•    Legal requirements
•    Riding styles
•    Design
•    Power and more

For instance, electric bikes have pedals, making it the only vehicle to have operated manually as well as via motor. The rider can exercise as the bike commutates. If you want to know the goods and bads of electric scooter vs moped, electric bikes and motorcycles, you can read further.

The Basics

Electric Scooter

Electric scooter is next to electric moped. The vehicle comes in a variety of designs ranging from simple and cheap models to extravagant models. Electric scooters feature deck, seat (optional), handlebars, small tires, chain driven motor, twist grip throttle and simple braking system. They don’t have pedals. While cheap and inexpensive models for kids may not be registered, advanced vehicles with high-powered motor and speed require licensing, registration and insurance.


Mopeds are available as electric moped and gas moped. This vehicle does not have pedals. It requires proper registration, licensing and insurance as it is meant for streets and main road. the vehicle offers speed, storage and smooth riding. Maximum speed limit of moped is 30 miles per hour, which is mandatory in all states of the U.S.

Electric Bikes

Also known as e-bikes, electric bicycles follow certain criteria of federal law. It must have a set of pedals for propelling, along with an electric motor that should not exceed beyond 1 horsepower. According to the U.S law, the electric bicycle must not exceed the speed of 20 miles per hour, if the rider is not propelling with pedals.

How and Why these Vehicles are Different

There are 7 noticeable aspects in these vehicles.

1. Pedals

Electric bikes come with pedals that give you a luxury or workout on the go. This feature is not available in most of the mopeds. So, mopeds cannot give you exercise. E-scooters also don’t feature any pedals.

2. Legal requirements>

If you live in the USA, you’ll know that majority of moped models require a driver’s license as well as insurance. You also need to register your moped for tax concerns. As far as e-bikes are concerned, there are no such requirements in the USA. Same is true for electric-scooters with certain amount of power and speed.

3. Where to Ride

Mopeds, because of their size and weight are hard to ride on bike lanes. They are not meant for sidewalks and areas designated for bicycles. You can only ride your moped on main streets that are meant for normal vehicles. On the other hand, electric scooters and electric bikes are just like bicycles. They’re meant for bike paths in parks, street bike lanes, pavements and sidewalks. This is the reason why electric scooters come for kids and adults alike.

4. Riding Off-Road

You can configure you electric bike as a mountain bike and take it off-road for adventure rides. This is a massive difference, because electric scooters and mopeds are not meant for off road trails.

5. Tire Size

Moped and electric bikes have bigger tires compared to electric scooters. However, there’s a difference in the material and make of the tires of moped and electric bikes. Usually, electric bikes have tires with larger diameters compared to mopeds. They’re thicker as well. Electric scooter’s tires are probably the smallest and thinnest of the three.

6. Seating

Mopeds have average sized seating platforms, just like motorcycles. The height of the seat is usually below the height of the handlebars. Same is true for electric scooters. Here electric scooters give you option of stand-n-ride, because of the large spacious deck.

Moped however, doesn’t feature any deck. Idea of seating position, or standing position for that matter is to give smooth rides with balanced body postures. Electric bikes normally consists of a seat that is adjusted in line with, or above the height of the handlebars. They’re meant for adventure and focused riding, so you wouldn’t get the same comfort. But you’ll do some exercise surely.

7. Speed

When it comes to speed mopeds are the fastest, because they’re meant for on-the-road travelling. They offer top-speed up to 30 miles per hour which is also mandatory speed limit. Electric bicycles are limited to 20 miles per hour via motor, and if you’re riding faster using pedals, motor must not propel it beyond your original speed. As far as electric scooters are concerned, they offer variety of speeds, up to 15 miles per hour. The difference of speed is due to the use of the three vehicles.


Regardless of the differences in features and functionality, each of the vehicles are quite popular in the United States, Canada and Europe. The reason is, they’re a good ecofriendly solution for travelling. It depends upon your usage and purpose which of the three you choose.