Can You Ride an Electric Scooter on Sidewalk Florida?

Electric scooters are always fun but if you are wondering to ride one, you’d better know where you should. You may consider riding it on the walkways, but did you find out if you actually could?

Riding an Electric Scooter on Sidewalk Florida

The name says it pretty loud and clear. It’s the side of the road reserved for people to walk. Whether riding an electric scooter on sidewalk Florida is legal or not, you will get your answers here in this article. There are certain variables attached to this discussion and we shall look into them carefully.

Rules for Roadways and Sidewalks Florida

The state has certain laws and regulations which define as to what vehicles or devices can be ridden on a sidewalk. For a start, there are two things to look at i.e. a roadway and a sidewalk. Vehicles that can run on a road can certainly not be used on a path and vice versa.

  1. What to ride and where?

There are certain classifications between a human powered vehicle and a motorized vehicle. If you wish to ride your electric scooter on sidewalk Florida, make sure that you know which category your vehicle falls into. There are certain specifications that differentiate the two.

a) Motorized Vehicle

Let’s see what a Motorized vehicle looks like according to the law in Florida.

  • Motorized scooters are self-propelled.
  • They can have a maximum speed of 30 mph.
  • Should contain three wheels or less.

Can you ride a motorized vehicle on a roadway?

Yes, Motorized vehicles can be run on a road and therefore, it is illegal to ride a motorized vehicle on a Sidewalk. The minimum age for riding a motorized vehicle is 16 years and it needs proper licensing. There is no registration for a motorized scooter.

b) Human Powered Vehicle or Moped

A human powered vehicle or a Moped is classified by the law as:

  • A vehicle having a rider’s seat
  • Should contain three wheels or less
  • Pedals to allow propulsion

To ride a Moped, riders need to be at least 16 years of age and hold a proper license.

  1. In which category does the electric scooter fall?

Electric scooter falls into the category of a motorized vehicle, therefore; you cannot ride an electric scooter on the sidewalks.

  1. What happens if I ride on the sidewalks anyway?

Since it is illegal to ride, you may have to bear the consequences. Traffic police are always around to see what’s happening so in case you are caught riding on the sidewalk, you may have to face the courts, but that only happens in extreme cases. The official penalty will cost you $60 for violation of the law.

  1. Do the cops really punish?

Many people suggest that the traffic police do not actually act upon the law. People even shared their experience of having got away with riding on the sidewalks with the cops watching them. As for them, it may be a matter of luck but it is best for you to avoid such a risk.