Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best Knee Scooter in the USA?

Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Turning Leg Walker Crutches Alternative in Green

Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Turning Leg Walker Crutches Alternative in Green

Having a broken knee or an ankle could make one emotionally and physically down. You might have been asked to stay off your foot or ankle for an extended period by your physician. And the feeling of holding a crutch can make you still feel awkward. If you have already used crutches, you might know the difficulties of using it and the limitations it could offer to your lifestyle.

How to make that period of recovery move faster and interesting? We all would have heard about an electric scooter, but very few of us would have heard about a knee scooter. This guide will give you out and out explanation of a knee scooter and also suggest you some top devices available in the market.

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1. What is a Knee Scooter?

A knee scooter, which is also known as a knee walker is a two, three or a four-wheeled device which acts as a motion aid. It completely takes the weight off the lower limb of a person and utilizes the support of the knee. This unique mobility device is an innovative approach to moving around with ease, without even giving you that thought that you have an injured foot.

2. How Does a Knee Scooter Work?

This question would arise in the minds of people who are hearing this term for the first time. A knee scooter looks similar to a skating scooter, with a seat which holds your one knee. The height of the knee seat and handlebar can be adjusted according to your height. This knee scooter is also equipped with a brake to control your motion.

Once you set the knee scooter according to your convenience, ensure that your healthy foot, injured knee and your hips are leveled with your lower back. To propel yourself, give a slight push using your healthy foot. First-time users have to ride carefully, and you will get a good balance over your knee scooter eventually out of practice. Always use the brakes to prevent accidents.

3. Safety Does Matter!

Whether we buy any motion vehicle, be it a car, bike or a scooter, the first thing that we consider is safety. Safety is a very important factor to take into consideration while purchasing a knee scooter too. The following safety factors have to be considered while selecting a knee walker.

· Flexibility: The knee scooter must turn easily and be flexible like a bicycle. This will reduce strain, and the user need not lift the front portion of the scooter to pivot left or right every time.

· Larger wheels: Bigger wheels make it easier to cross over through carpets, uneven surfaces and enable easy use outdoors. They are also comparatively safer than small wheeled knee scooters due to the substantial grip, stability and balance which they offer.

· Knee seat’s stability: The knee platform should be wide enough to hold your knee comfortably and also stable. If it is loose, then it could give you an unstable feeling which is potentially dangerous.

· Clearance of seat post: The seat post is the protrusion of the stem of the knee platform. If the seat post protrudes till close to the ground, it can obstruct bigger objects on an uneven outdoor surface and lead to accidents.

· FDA certification: Since it is a medical device, all knee scooters which are manufactured must be registered by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and should be legally sold in the country. Low cost imported models are available in the market, which does not have the FDA certification. It is not advisable to purchase these models, as they might not have been subjected to and tested for safety concerns.

4. Comfort Factor

Apart from the main safety features discussed above, the following comfort and mobility factors play a major role in choosing your most favorable knee scooter that suits your lifestyle.

· Ability to fold: Most knee cycles can be folded easily for easy storage at home or while traveling. They easily get into a car’s back seat or trunk.

· Additional accessories: A basket attached to your knee scooter which can fit your daily needs while getting outside such as wallet, cell phone, book or lunch is an added advantage. A simple water bottle holder which can fit your bottle or coffee cup is a small factor which can add immense comfort.

· Properly fitted bolts: This is another important factor which has to be taken care of. If a bolt or any other hardware accessory is peeping out of the wheel, you could probably hit your healthy foot against it while propelling your knee scooter.

Choosing a knee scooter which is comfortable for you ensures your safe mobility and a speedy recovery.

5. Knee Scooter for the Elderly

Even though this mobility device works best for a majority of elderly people, some might not be able to use it due to their health condition and lack of confidence. An elderly person who wants to use a knee scooter must have a good balance, sufficient strength and a proper vision to use it effectively without causing any injury.

6. Should You Buy or Rent a Knee Scooter?

You can decide whether you want to buy or rent a knee scooter, based on the duration you have been advised to use it by the doctor. The rate differences between buying and renting this device are very minimal. Hence, my opinion is to buy a knee scooter, as they are available at most affordable prices at shops and online stores. You can rent it if you are using it for a very short duration, for a few days to a week.

High Ranking 5 Best Knee Scooters Reviews

1. Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Turning Leg Walker Crutches Alternative in Green

The steerable knee walker provides a comfortable, painless alternative to crutches and is ideal for individuals who are recovering from foot surgery, amputation, sprain or a fracture. This helps you to lead a normal and active lifestyle irrespective of your injuries.


  • This knee scooter supports up to 300lbs weight capacity. This scooter is also lightweight and enables easy usage.
  • This knee scooter can be folded easily and occupies less space at your home or car during an outing.
  • The wheels are very sturdy and robust and enable easy indoor and outdoor usage of this scooter. They also roll effortlessly on any surface.
  • The cycle is narrow and can protrude through even the narrowest of spaces at outdoors.
  • It comes with a bigger basket which enables you to carry your essential items and personal supplies on the go.
  • This knee scooter has got very good brakes which are patented. It makes your scooter come to a halt at the moment you apply them.
  • The platform is cushioned and contoured to provide comfortable placement of your knees over the knee rest.


  • The only disadvantage of this knee scooter is that its wheels are smaller compared to other brands.
  • It does not swiftly turn at sharp corners, and some effort is needed.
  • The clamshell bracket is fairly tight and needs a strongly built person to adjust the fitting.

2. Drive Medical DV8 Aluminum Steerable Knee Walker Crutch Alternative

The Drive Medical DV8 knee walker is an advanced knee scooter for those with injuries on one leg below the knee. They help you to get around quickly taking part in your day to day activities with ease. This is one of the best devices for mobility which patients can buy online, and it comes with many unique and attractive features.


  • This knee scooter is light weighted and can be handled easily by anyone.
  • It can be folded easily thus making its storage and transport simple.
  • The adjustable features of this mobility device are numerous.
  • It has got a very good braking system which ensures maximum safety.
  • The height of the knee rest can be adjusted easily without any tools.
  • The knee pad is grooved and extra wide.
  • This knee scooter has four wheels which are large and ensures a smooth ride on all types of surfaces. The rear wheels can be locked which does not allow the scooter to slide away on its own while it is parked.
  • This scooter is narrow and can easily penetrate through narrow doors and tight spaces.
  • The front wheel steering is very robust and enables easy ride indoors and outdoors.
  • This knee scooter is constructed of a highly durable aluminum dual frame. This enhances the stability and also increases the durability of this product.
  • This knee walker can conveniently withstand up to a weight of 300lbs.


  • Some customers who have purchased this product have complained that it is difficult to turn this product at sharp corners.
  • There is no storage basket as a part of the accessories of this knee scooter.

3. Deluxe Steerable Knee Walker Knee Scooter Knee Cycle Leg Walker Crutch Alternative in Blue

This sturdy and beautiful knee cycle from Knee Rover offers safe, effective and economic mobility for patients who cannot bear their body weight on their foot or ankle due to a sprain or fracture, but want to remain active and mobile as usual.


  • This knee scooter can support up to a weight of 300lbs.
  • The high-quality disc brakes offer swift braking. The brake applied from one hand is sufficient to stop your vehicle rather than applying both the brakes.
  • The turning radius of this scooter is bigger, and you can easily turn it at sharp corners with ease.
  • There is a detachable basket which comes as a free accessory with this scooter. You can fix it or remove it according to your convenience.
  • The steering column is foldable and occupies very less space in your car’s trunk when folded.
  • The knee pad is very comfortable and can be adjusted left or right. The height can be adjusted manually using the slide and lock mechanism and does not require any tools for it.


  • The wheels are comparatively smaller.
  • It can accommodate patients of height 5’ to 6’5”. Hence, this scooter becomes uncomfortable for those who are taller than 6’5”.

4. All Terrain Knee Rover Steerable Knee Scooter Knee Walker Heavy Duty Crutches Alternative in Blue

This model of knee scooter from Knee Rover is a variation of their previous Deluxe model. It has similar features to its former, but with a ‘little extra’ in all of them. For someone who needs a very smooth ride to those who want to get a little off-road, this scooter is the best for all.

This scooter is an ideal aid to assist people recovering from foot surgery, sprains, amputation or ulcers of foot and for those who want to enjoy freedom at this stage. in my opinion, this is the best knee scooter for whom amputation has been done from below the knee. Such patients require maximum support and stability from an external object, and this product serves the best purpose for it.


  • This scooter features 12-inch pneumatic tires which are perfect for home, outdoor, any surface such as concrete, grass, bumps and even gaps in the sidewalks and hence the name ‘All Terrain’.
  • This knee scooter is designed to provide good control and stability while propelling it.
  • The wheels are larger, and the steering can be turned swiftly across turns.
  • The seat and handlebar can be adjusted manually without the help of any tools.
  • This scooter is constructed of heavy duty. Hence, the stability and durability which it offers high compared to knee scooters from other brands.
  • It can support a user’s weight of up to 400lbs.
  • This steerable knee scooter offers an advanced tie-rod steering mechanism similar to an automotive. This feature is unique and is not present in the other knee walkers.


  • This knee scooter offers a height range of 5’ to 6’5” for its users which make it uncomfortable for taller users.

5. Roscoe Knee Scooter with Basket, Burgundy (ROS-KSBG)

The Roscoe Medical Knee scooter is one of the most popular mobility devices for those who have an injured foot and need assistance. They are a perfect substitute for crutches. Roscoe Medical is one of the top brands which manufacture other popular medical equipment. This knee scooter from Roscoe Medical enhances your recovery with comfort.


  • This knee scooter is designed to address all types of surfaces both indoors and outdoors.
  • This unit can be folded easily and stored.
  • This knee scooter can support weights up to 350lbs.
  • It has a very efficient braking system, which provides stability and safety even while riding downhill.
  • It has very large wheels which roll effortlessly irrespective of any surface.
  • The knee platform is contoured, and hence, it is very comfortable to rest your knees on it.
  • The scooter is fitted with a basket which enables you to store your essentials.


  • Some customers have reported that this scooter does not turn easily in sharp corners.
  • This scooter is also reported not to navigate through narrow spaces with ease compared to the other knee scooters.
  • Since it can hold up to 350lbs, the overall weight of the scooter is more.


Knee walkers are becoming a very popular choice among people who are in a position to spend at least the next six months in a cast. Unlike crutches, which can often be unstable and lead to greater chances of a recurring injury, a knee scooter can be much more stable and allows you to move around with ease.

Knee walkers allow you to make a forward motion with your healthy foot, and at the same time balancing the weight from your injured foot onto the knee platform of your mobility device. As there are many people who use knee scooters, there are many others who have the least knowledge on the same. I hope this guide would have helped you to receive out and out information about the same.

You can buy or rent a knee scooter as already mentioned above. In case if you want to know if your insurance covers a knee scooter, then there are maximum chances of it. Do contact your insurance company directly and ask them. When you submit your insurance claim, do include a paid receipt, signed prescription and a letter of medical necessity to buy a knee scooter which is signed by your doctor.

Due to technology’s blessing, you need not go out and get the products which you need for today’s lifestyle. The internet has made that possible, and you can purchase the best knee scooter which suits you from home. Get your hands on this coolest mobility device and get ready to set out with spirit!

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