Time to Go Out and Play!

In this digital age, people are beginning to be more and more inactive and choose to stay in their homes. Whether they just want to watch a movie, or surf the internet, it is slowly becoming a problem. The worst part is that the first ones that will be affected by this situation are the people who will be responsible of the fate of the world: our children. Nowadays, schools are adapting to modern technology by providing students with tablets that will help them learn and understand the lessons more easily. But this has also affected them in a negative manner: children are now more addicted to their gadgets. We must make the kids play outside again. This may be the only chance of saving our children. But what exactly are the benefits of outdoor games?

Promotes Socialization

One of the many benefits of playing outside is that children tend to be more sociable and approachable in the long run. Kids love to play in groups when outside, so this makes them interact with other children;. It also promotes teamwork as they cooperate with each other. Whether they are chasing around in the park or sharing their food with one another, outdoor play will make these kids communicate, and in return, it will have a huge impact on their social development. Not only that but it also plays a vital role in increasing their confidence, which can make them good leaders in the future. So kids won’t be only having fun, they will also be honing their behavioral skills and how they act around strangers.

Enhances Brain Development

Outdoor games can further enhance a child’s cognitive development. Studies have shown that children who often play outside have higher attention spans; this becomes a huge asset in the long run as the kid becomes more focused on all of his tasks. Other than that, children who play outside a lot tend to be more observant of their environment and have better assessment skills. Not only does the child get to have fun, but he also gets more intelligent!

Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Nowadays, whether we like it or not, children tend to get stressed out from all the school work that they’re doing; who wouldn’t be stressed out after more than 12 hours’ worth of studying? This is why it is encouraged for kids to play with their peers. Recent studies have shown that children who are given time to play outside with their friends are unlikely to be easily stressed out; there are other sources also say this can lessen their chances from being victims of depression and anxiety. Who knew that playing outside can have a strong impact on one’s mental being?

Burn Off the Extra Energy

A lot of parents have problems with their kids having high energies; it becomes a problem when the kid starts to become a little more hyper than usual, especially during bedtime. By letting them play outside with their friends for at least an hour a day, not only will these kids be jollier, but it will also prevent them from being overweight and obese. Whether we like it or not, child obesity is a serious issue that we should not ignore. According to a study, there are 12.7 million children, from ages 2-19, who are obese and overweight. We must remember that outdoor games are not only a fun activity, but it is also a form exercise that keeps these children physically healthy. Besides, wouldn’t any parent want less trouble in making their kids go to bed?

Helps in Developing their Focus

One of the many struggles that the digital age has caused is that most humans now have the attention span of a goldfish; we, especially children, cannot stay focused for long periods of time. Most kids these days are now glued to their tablets and cell phones that they barely have time to play with their toys. Studies have shown that this can be avoided if we let kids play outdoor games. Since most kids play only one game when they are with their friends, this will keep them focused on the activity and on themselves. Some experts have also linked the effect of playing outside to reduce the chances of kids gaining symptoms of ADHD.

We have a long way to go for our children to get back and explore the wonders of the outside world; slowly but surely, outdoor games will reunite them with Mother Nature, their friends, and themselves. Let’s all encourage our kids to play out some more!

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