Beach Games You Can Try Next Time

 With summer just around the corner, the undeniable summer heat is likely to force us out of our homes and push us to the welcome waves of the ocean water and the tasty breeze of the salty sea. When you reach the beach and imprint your footsteps on the wet ocean floor, you wonder what to do next with the halcyon day gifted to you. There are a number of activities that can definitely tickle your funny bones, get you laughing and drive you to have fun under the sun with your friends, your work colleagues or your family. We list our top 6 favorite beach games that any man, woman, child, and teenager can play altogether:

Beach Bowling- Dig some holes and shoot those balls!

For this game you will need to prepare balls and a shovel to scoop the sand and make holes. Be creative. You can dig a number of various sized holes and line the players up to shoot the balls in each hole. The smaller the hole, the bigger the points the player wins! You can also make the game a little more challenging by placing the hole on a previously molded sand pyramid as the goal. Heavy balls like tennis balls are suggested for this game so as not to be easily blown away by the breeze.

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Beach Blow – Running out of air has never been this entertaining!

Here’s what you should do. Dig a path in the sand using a stick, a spoon, or a shovel. Make sure the hollow path is as deep as the ball you’ll be using. A ping pong ball is a good type of ball to use for this game. Blow the ping pong ball from one end to the other. Make a number of hollow paths, depending on the number of players you have so you could have a race and have friendly competition bouncing off each other.

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Beach Ball Balance- this act is a tricky thing!

For this game, you’ll need an inflatable ball and a partner you might (or probably should!) be physically and mentally in sync with. The goal of this game is for both players to carry the ball to the finish line without touching the ball with their hands. Balancing of the ball can be done by placing it between their backs while one person is moving forward and the other player is walking backwards. Another technique to balance the ball is to place the ball between the players’ stomachs and crab-walk to the end of the finish line.

Dizzy Izzy- play this game and feel fuzzy!

For this game, you’ll need a bat, a cone, a lot of courage, balance and concentration. The players of this game are asked to spin around the bat a few times, maybe 3 or 5 times, depending on how dizzy you want the players to be, and the players should walk (or at least try to) to the cone, circle it and go back to the starting line to tag the next player. Make sure your players haven’t eaten yet prior the game to prevent shocking outbursts of an upset stomach.


Flour pass– the messier the better!

This game will need a bucket, a whole lot of flour and a lot of patient players. Each team should form a line and pass flour from one player to the other using only their hands. The goal of this game is to fill (to the best of your ability) the bucket at the back of the line and compare with the amount of flour the other teams have successfully transferred.


Fill in the bucket water relay- fast and furious wins the race!

You’ll need a bucket, a tiny shovel and a lot of speed-driven players for this game. The team should send one player at a time with a tiny shovel filled with water. The player will bring this shovel to the bucket a few meters away from the starting line, go back to the beginning and tap the next player to do the same. This game is time-constricted and after the time set, the team with the most water inside their bucket will be declared as the winners.


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