Balancing Technology and Outdoor Play

Children are born not to be stuck inside, but to enjoy the life outside. Studies revealed that most children nowadays spend most of their time using the breakthroughs of technology and spend least outdoor time. Parents play significant role in balancing technology and outdoor play of their children. Many children also spend about seven hours using electronic devices, yet only few minutes outside to play outdoor.

This only shows that the media plays a big role in today’s society, but it can impact powerful downside to children if it’s not managed properly.  Research revealed that engaging outdoor activities makes children grow strong and lean as well as improves their imagination. On the contrary, children spending more time with technology most likely suffer in their studies.

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While technology is significant part to adapt the changes in the 21st century, it should be used in moderation. Technology is a wonderful tool for playing and learning, but it is more important to balance green and screen experiences so that your children will grow up healthy and happy. On the other hand, staying outside is very important for the healthy development of children. Spending more “green time” lengthens and widens the attention span, lowers stress, improves empathy and enhances critical thinking skills.

Balancing technology and outdoor play is very important for children so that they will enjoy the benefits of both worlds. Letting your children play outside make their body active and work in unison. The actions and decision making are shaped by highly sensitive kinesthetic systems. The power of multi-modal experiences is missed out if your kids are stuck indoors.


Though technology helps children to learn, taking your kids for a walk will widen the attention span as compared to playing video games. It doesn’t only fix some attention problems, but also useful in improving focus. This is the reason why children with ADHD are given balanced activities in both indoor and outdoor.


Communication is affected if there’s no balance between technology and outdoor play. Though technology is an effective means for communication, but there’s no context. With this, kids won’t learn effective and civil communication. One of the drawbacks of children spending most of their time inside the home is that they become withdrawn and isolated even if they are connected online.


The issues involve with technology can be reduced through moderation. This time, parents should take part by monitoring proper technology practices. Encourage your children to have face-to-face communication and should take breaks. Parents should impose a schedule, for instance, for every minute of using technology, there should be an equivalent of five minutes doing other things such as playing toys, talking to others and other activities.

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Evidently, parents learn more about technology through their children. This is one of the reasons why the bonding time of the family is restricted indoor, but this should not be the case. Parents can still learn technology even without trading places. This can be done by following these three simple criteria:

1. Technology can be used in planning outdoor activities.
2. If your kids love technology, embrace it. But, take it outside.
3. Use technology by taking photos or videos of the adventures shared with your children.

It’s never an easy thing balancing and convincing your child about the importance of technology and outdoor time. Both offer advantages, but without balance problem may also arise. With this, parents should be doing tricks on how to maintain balance of the two. If it’s inevitable to steer away from technology, then you can use technology at the same time increase children’s awareness by showing and explaining to them how different machines and tools can be used in their outdoor activities.

Staying inside most of the time using technology can cause significant problem to children. It’s not only about the health issues, but also their appreciation to Mother Nature. If an individual doesn’t have time going out and interact with nature, it would be impossible for him or her to address stress effectively. The learning opportunities outside is unlimited because it allows people to learn new experiences.

To ensure that children will be disconnected to technology, parents should reconnect some quality time with their children. Many children resort to technology addiction to overcome their fear for social anxiety. Always instill in the minds of your children the right perception of safety. Give good perception about the indoor and outdoor world to maintain the proper balance.

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