A Network of Electric Scooters

For a long time, the residents in Taiwan, as well as those living in Asia, have been getting familiar with the use of two-wheeled means of transportation which can provide them the mobility and convenience when travelling.

A Network Of Electric Scooters:
Rush Hour in Taipei
Image source: nytimes.com

However, the mass use of these kinds of vehicles has caused the serious traffic pollution for such a long time. The emission from the thousands of motorcycles and scooters are blamed for the bad air condition in various cities and regarded as the main cause of greenhouse gases.

In this year, there is a new program carried out in the country with the aim to introduce a new product called Smart scooter to the travelers. With the hope that the new environmentally friendly means of transportation will cover all the stress with the popularity among citizens, Gogoro- a scooter company has tried their best to test their smart scooters to bring the best services to their customers. The electric scooter has been much invested in designs and the amount of high technology.

The manufacturer has taken advantage of cutting–edge technology to equip their products with the hope that it can bring a new breath to the development of means of transportation. The producer has operated over 90 battery-charging stations next to the gas stations so that it will create a favorable condition for the users to charge the battery when it run out.

The new product has soon gained the market share and preferred by the consumers. As a report in November, in this month, the smart scooters of this firm has accounted for over 95 percentages of the electric vehicles using in Taipei and nearly five percentages in overall scooters. With this outstanding number, the product is expected to lead the market soon.

The reason for the popularity of this product in the market is thanks to the high-quality battery. Most of the scooters of Gogoro have been powered by the two lithium ion battery which has also produced with the Panasonic cells-a technique also used for Tesla battery. This kind of technique can help you to increase the driving time and the distance. According to a recent research, thanks to the high –tech battery, with only one charge, you can drive up to more than 60 miles. It seems to be a very impressive figure for those who both like to drive in the far distance and love to use the electric scooter.

Besides, it also doesn’t cost you a lot of time for charging your vehicle during your traveling. One of the other outstanding features of the smart scooter is that it is also equipped with the smartphone apps which can help you to find the direction exactly. Also, with the useful app, you can easily figure out the closest energy station which has the available battery. Another advantage of using the battery of Gogoro is that the users can completely change the old battery with the new one at the station.

It is interesting that currently Panasonic firm has been light into the vision of Gogoro. In November, the company published that this Japanese firm had participated in the Taiwan government. The firm has showed their activeness and enthusiasm in calling capitals from Panasonic and Tesla. If they can succeed in creating the co-operation between firms, the new products of Gogoro will soon cover the other foreign market such as Europe with the beginning in Amsterdam.

The company believes that with their continuous effort in changing the way people make use of energy, they can change many things in people lifestyle in 10 years later. This belief of Mr. Luke, a chief innovation officer seems to be nothing out of impossibility because he used to make the brand HTC- a brand name of the smartphone well known all over the world.

With the experiences, he had turned a domestic phone producer into a reputable producer for distributors in the world. Therefore, we can totally believe in the bright future of the scooter market. Mr. Luke together with his workmate Mr. Taylor began to discuss their plan to build up a new company which can leverage the development of technology for the social impacts. Basing on the fact that over 14 million scooters have been supplied for about 23 millions of people living in Taiwan, they would like to set up their business in this potential product.

Actually, in their opinion, there has been no outstanding evolution in the scooter products in the past 20 years. Therefore, their mission is making something different to this useful product.

They would like to apply more modern technology to the scooters to maximize the benefits of customers. In 2011, the two founders co-operated to build up Gogoro where Taylor has worked as a technology manager. They have decided to reset and redesign the products overall. They much focus on the performance as well as the innovation. Also, they also try their best to figure out the useful way to minimize the impact on the environment.

It is the fact that in Taiwan, the problems related to environmental pollutions are becoming more and more important. The pollution from the scooters can raise the concern about human health among the public. There are hundreds of studies carried out to find the influence of pollution from scooters to the health of people. It can be denied that in the rush hours, pedestrians can suffer from the exhaust from the scooters as well as the other means of transportation on the streets. Of course, if this situation happens regularly, people may be vulnerable to some kinds of dangerous breathing diseases.

With the target to maximize the bad effect of the scooter exhaust on the environment as well as the society, the two young founders will make up the innovation to the scooter product line and bring more benefits to the consumers. We can believe in the future of a mean of transport which can both give us convenience and protect the environment.