10 Classic Outdoor Games That Are Still Fun

As a kid, playing outdoors was one of the most anticipated activities to be done on weekends and most especially, every summer. At school, we still get to enjoy outdoor games during our break time and dismissal.

Outdoor Games

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Playing outdoors is healthy and helpful in developing physical strength, agility, endurance, confidence, and social skills. Kids who are used to sedentary lifestyle tend to have slower and weaker development, as compared to the active ones. Physical inactivity is a negative gesture and should not be practiced by kids, who are still developing, to avoid eventual health issues.

Outdoor Games

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Time may have passed, but some classic games are just too difficult to ignore and/or forget. It is truly a fine gem to see these games still played by kids. Kids deserve to experience the kind of fun we had during our youth.

Here are 10 unforgettable games that still give us the fun we have always wanted:

Hide and Seek

The unforgettable game played not only by kids but also by adults. Hide and seek can be played indoor and outdoor.

The game is open for everyone interested to play. At least, three players should participate the said game, with one who counts at least in tens with eyes closed for the remaining players to find time to hide.



Apart from the blackboard, chalks can also be used to sketch those grids for hopscotch along the sidewalk.

This game requires the player to toss either a piece of rock or beanbag starting from the very first square and hop with only one foot. After successfully hopping the squares, you stop at the square prior to where your rock or beanbag is currently positioned and pick it up while balancing with just one foot.



Who would ever forget about this classic game? Kickball has always been a favorite by most kids since it allows kids to test their strength.

The rules are simple. If you have knowledge about baseball and softball, then this game should not be a problem; though people with no idea about the aforementioned games can also easily learn the game after a few tries.


Dodge Ball

Here is another classic game mostly played by kids when placed outdoor. This game is one of the ideal games in measuring your agility and analytical skills.

The more the players, the merrier the game is. The game is divided into two groups; one group dodges the ball, while the other group targets the players who are inside the field.



Patintero, also known as Patubig, Lantay-lantay, or Tinubigan, is a famous street game from the Philippines. This game requires quick thinking and fast movement to avoid losing the game.

The players are divided into two teams in even numbers. One team, known as the runners, is given the task to cross the entire area without being tagged by the opponent. The taggers, on the other hand, guard the area without stepping off the line.


Capture the Flag

Capture the flag is a simple yet thrilling game that requires two teams. Based on the name alone, each team is required to capture the flag without being caught by the opponent.

The flag is visibly positioned within the team’s base. The mission of the game is to guard the team’s flag and steal the opponent’s flag, thus requiring the team to plan ahead on what to do and study the opponent’s players.


Jumping Rope

If you think this is only open for athletes, then guess again. This game is also one of the most played games by kids.

It is a simple game that requires players to skip the rope as many times as they can without stepping on the rope. It can be played singularly or by three, depending on your preference.


Trip to Jerusalem

Trip to Jerusalem or Musical Chairs is a game commonly played in a party. Another simple yet fun game that obliges players to dance around the chair while the music is on. When the music turns off, each player should have a chair to sit on. When one player fails to secure a chair, he or she is out and another chair is to be removed from the area.

The number of chairs available should depend on the number of players. For example, when there are 8 players, there should only be 7 chairs available.


Red Light, Green Light

“Red light” is when the players are mandated to stop while the “it” observes the player. Whoever is caught moving shall go back to the starting point. “Green light” is when the players can freely move towards the “it” while the “it” is facing away from the players.

The game continues until a player reaches the line and tags the “it” player.


Kick the Can

It is another game similar to that of hide and seek and tag. Kick the can has an “it” player who closes his or her eyes while counting. After which, the “it” looks for every player who is currently hiding.

When the player gets tagged by the “it”, he or she stays in a place where the captured are. However, when the player gets to kick the can, all the captured players can be released. Once all players are captured, the “it” player wins the game.

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